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Xiaomi Mi 10000 Mah Powerbank 3 Type C

Xiaomi Mi 10000 Mah Powerbank 3 Type C
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18W Dual Port Inlet, Upgraded self-charging experience, Dual port for both Micro-USB and USB-C. Maximum input power as high as 18W Self-charging can be completed in 4 hours.

18W dual port output, ensuring more efficient fast charging Dual USB-A output interface capable of charging two devices at the same time. Supports 18W MAX fast charging with single port and offers more convenient fast charging experience.

More protection, enhanced safety The high precision resistance inductance and capacitance components and high quality lithium polymer battery can easily tackle overcharging over-discharging overheating, short circuits and other faults offering multiple protection for both the power bank and the devices.

Aluminium alloy metal cover Super high structural strength withstands falls and bumps.

Brand : Xiaomi

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