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Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro Dual SIM Poco Yellow 8GB RAM 256GB 5G - Global Version

Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro Dual SIM Poco Yellow 8GB RAM 256GB 5G - Global Version
Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro Dual SIM Poco Yellow 8GB RAM 256GB 5G - Global Version
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Overview6.67” AMOLED Display. Poco X Series now has an AMOLED display and supports CPI-P3. The expanded colour range produces rich details, giving a cinematic look and feel. The front camera aperture is only 2.96mm, expanding your field of view. The display features a high-speed 120Hz refresh rate for a smooth and fluid experience. Whether browsing the web or playing games, the high-speed 12Hz refresh rate allows you to enjoy an unprecedented experience. Speeding it up with a 360Hz touch sampling rate. The ultra-fast sampling rate of 360Hz greatly reduces touch latency and responds to every action with sensitivity and precision, helping you stay one step ahead. Adaptive brightness to keep your eyes comfortable in even the darkest of nights. Adaptive brightness adjusts your display based on your surrounding ambient light, reducing eye fatigue. Whether you are in a bright light, low light or a backlit environment, you will notice subtle changes in brightness to keep your eye comfortable. Roam the world with ultra-fast 5-G. High performance Snapdragon 5G processor boast superior energy efficiency and delivers a maximum download speed of 2.5Gbps. It is compatible with the major 5G bands used across around the world and supports both NSA and SA networking modes. Enjoy 5G from anywhere in the world and enter the new era of high-speed internet. Powerful Snapdragon 695. The industry-leading 6nm production process plus one of the latest Cortez-A78 powerful CPU core offer a flagship user experience. It can handle everything from large games to AL apps with ease. Keep your devise cool with LiquidCool Technology 1.0 Plus. The Poco X4 Pro 5G features a large LiquidCool copper pipe and multiple layers of graphite sheet for rapid heat dissipation and sustained cooling, allowing the devise to run at high-performance for longer. More advanced and resilient battery life with the 67W turbo charging. The 67W turbo charger is capable of tremendous power. With advanced MMT technology, the 5000mAh battery can be charged to 100% in 46 minutes. Professional 108MP for a large sensor size. For the first time, POCO has adopted the 108MP flagship camera for photography that are stunning and rich in detail. The super outsole boasts superior ligh-sensitivity, dual native ISO and higher dynamic range for brighter bright and darker darks; as well as 9-in 1 pixel binning. Discover your hidden potential and capture your most beautiful moments. Dual speakers for greater listening possibilities. The three-dimensional sound files constructed by the dual speakers generates a more refined and layered sound. Enjoy full immersion in movies, games, whatever you’re doing.

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