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Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L EU Plug

Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L EU Plug
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The Mijia Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L is somewhat similar to the previous 3.5L air fryer, however, it comes with some improvements. For instance, the new Mijia Air Fryer comes with a three-layer heat-insulating transparent visualization window design, which lets you see the cooking status in real-time. So, you won’t need to open the lid to check the food.

The Mijia Smart Air Fryer uses a seven-layer composite frying compartment paired with a double-layer PTFE food-contact non-stick coating. It is not only healthy and safe to use, but it is also wear-resistant, reducing cleaning time and effort. It also has a detachable grill that keeps you away from the oil and food stains. It can simply be taken out to rinse the oil stains with water.

The Air Fryer has a wide adjustable temperature range of 40-200°C. It is a versatile device that can deliver a variety of cooking tasks such as frying, baking, yogurt, and thawing. It uses 360° hot air circulation for cooking which makes the food oil-free and low in fat.

The Mijia Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L is also capable of making reservations all through the day, meaning if you put the food in the air fryer and set a particular time then it will cook it at that given time, hence allowing you to enjoy fresh food.

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